Open Vessel Definition

The power of open source for Vessel Definitions

At TEDIVO, we believe that collaboration and open standards are key to driving innovation in the maritime industry. That's why we've created the industry-first open source format for storing vessel definitions in JSON, and made it available to the public on GitHub.

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JSON is a lightweight, easy-to-read format that is widely used in web applications and APIs. By storing vessel definitions in JSON, we've made it easy for developers to integrate our format into their own systems, without the need for proprietary software.

How it works

Our open source repository on GitHub allows other developers to access our format, and even contribute to its development. If additional information is needed to satisfy the requirements of other systems, we can integrate those changes into the format using normal fork and pull request methods.

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Industry Standards

We believe that open source standards are the future of the maritime industry, and we're committed to working with any organizations across the industry. By adopting open source standards for vessel definitions, we can improve interoperability between systems and enable new levels of collaboration and innovation.

Get Involved

If you're a developer or industry professional interested in open source standards for vessel definitions, we invite you to get involved with our GitHub repository and contribute to the development of the format. Together, we can create a more open and collaborative future for the maritime industry.

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