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The only publicly available repository for digital container vessel definitions

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Building container vessel definitions is time-consuming, overly complicated, error prone and proprietary.

Our cloud-based platform makes defining container stowage conditions easier than ever — eliminating repetitive input, providing real time visual feedback, and integrating easily into other systems.

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Collaboration doesn’t happen on an island, and innovation will never thrive in a vacuum. Maritime logistics is no exception.

TEDIVO has created the industry’s first open-source format for storing container vessel definitions. We made it publicly available so other interested parties can access the information and contribute to its development.

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EDI container data has tons of challenges — from a lack of accuracy and integration to timing, tracking, visibility and security.

BAPLIE Viewer Online is the Swiss army knife for EDI data. Our secure, cloud-based system improves data visibility, expedites decision-making, drives collaboration, and elevates your operations.