Design detailed container vessels accurately and efficiently in the cloud

Benefits & Features

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Data migration

Nobody wants to repeat work they have already completed. We provide hassle-free migration of your existing definitions in STAF format to our modern, cloud-based system.

Workflow efficiency

Creating container vessel definitions from scratch takes FOREVER! Our tools eliminate tedious, repetitive input, ensure better data quality and improve efficiency.

Error visualization

Inputting complicated data is error prone and leads to delays. Our real-time visual feedback allows you to easily assess and resolve errors before they cause operational chaos.

BVO integration

Improperly stowed containers can be very costly if not identified and corrected immediately. Integration with BAPLIE Viewer Online enables the ability to highlight stowage errors quickly.

Detailed definitions

Some container terminals require more advanced vessel definitions, including centers of gravity. Our tool fully supports all neccessary vessel characteristics and stowage requirements.

Community library

Accurate vessel definitions can be hard to locate quickly. Our system serves as a central repository for both your organization and community definitions, and provides notifications of updates.

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The TEDIVO Vessel Designer allows you to create the foundation of your container operations with a powerful, modern tool designed to improve efficiency. Try for yourself today!