TEDIVO is a maritime software provider
specialized in cargo vessel operations

We are passionate about creating interconnected and collaborative solutions across the supply chain

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BAPLIE Viewer Online
visualize, analyze and
manage your EDI

Open Vessel Definition
industry standard format for
integration of vessel definitions

TEDIVO Vessel Library
share and collaborate
on open vessel definitions

TEDIVO Vessel Designer
configure your vessel
definitions with ease

Some of our happy customers include...

A cloud-based system

enables collaboration between different organizations

BAPLIE Viewer Online

The only collaborative solution built to visualize, analyze and manage EDI stowage data in a secure cloud-based tool.

Open Vessel Definition

Introducing an industry standard open source JSON structure for defining vessels that can be adopted by any system.

Vessel Designer

A tool explicity designed to make defining vessels an easy and intuitive experience saving huge amounts of time over other products.

Vessel Library

A repository of open vessel definitions (ovd files) that can be viewed publicly and checked for quality without any committment to purchase.

Our Clients love us!

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BAPLIE Viewer Online is a necessary complement to any operational software suite. It has many different functionalities that we use in our day to day operations. It is the most versatile BAPLIE viewing program on the market.
Casey Cordray
Vessel Operations Manager
Long Beach Container Terminal
... We're long time users of BAPLIE Viewer Online at GCT Canada ... We have always appreciated the fast turn around with on-going suggestions and improvements, and today consider it a must-have tool for our vessel operations ...
Elaine McMillan
Systems Engineer
Global Container Terminals Canada
BAPLIE Viewer Online is an excellent product that has allowed our terminal staff to view vessel data easily and quickly. The software is very user friendly, and provides us the perfect solution for quickly checking, rectifying or confirming BAPLIEs.
Charles Glowacki
Application Support
Ports America Chesapeake

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